Follow these simple tips to extend the life of your lashes:

Handle with care
Gently remove your Lady Boss Lashes by holding the band of the lashes, preferably using tweezers for a better grip. Avoid pulling too hard on the lashes when removing, and do not pull on the individual strands.

Remove lash glue after wear
Make sure any kind of excess glue left on the band is removed after each and every use. Dab a little bit of makeup remover (oil-free) on the band to loosen up the glue and then use your fingers or tweezers to gently remove the glue.

Avoid mascara or extra product
Do not apply mascara or any product directly to your Lady Boss Lashes. Applying mascara or any other kind of products on your Lady Boss Lashes can disturb the natural properties of your lashes such as curl and shine, hence, reducing the longevity of your Lady Boss Lashes. If you wish to apply mascara, make sure you apply them to your own natural lashes before applying your Lady Boss Lashes.

Keep them clean
To prevent dust and debris from getting onto your lashes, store them in their original Lady Boss lash box after each use.

Can I curl my Lady Boss Lashes?
No, due to the natural curl and qualities of your lashes there is no need to curl them.

Can I wash my Lady Boss Lashes?
No. We do not recommend soaking or cleaning your Lady Boss Lashes as water and other chemicals can ruin the natural curl and qualities of your lashes, and will shorten the life span of these beautiful lashes.

How long will my Lady Boss Lashes last for?
With proper love & care, your Lady Boss Lashes can last up to sometime.

Removing Lady Boss Lashes
Use a cotton swab dipped in oil-free eye makeup remover and lightly dab it on the lash band to loosen it from your skin.Β  Wait for the glue to loosen and you will notice the band will come off your skin effortlessly. Gently remove your Lady Boss Lashes without force.