Our Aspiration…

Lady Boss Lashes is here to provide you with the most luxurious & highest quality in 100% cruelty free Faux Mink, Human Hair and Synthetic Fibre lashes at affordable prices. The faux mink, human hair and synthetic eyelashes are handcrafted from the finest materials, our original lashes are versatile, long-lasting and easy-to-wear, and are available in a range of styles to suit all eye shapes and sizes.

Our lashes are naturally soft, feather light, and ultra-long-lasting. Our Lady Boss Lashes are also hypoallergenic and made free from any chemical processing and dyes, to provide a luxuriously soft, light in weight and natural looking finish.

From seductive “Monroe” to the one of a kind “‘Vixen” our custom designs are sure to make a statement when worn. Experience the most exquisite and versatile false eyelash extensions you’ll find anywhere.

The Creator…

Lady Boss Lashes was founded by a makeup and beauty geek who resides in Sydney, Australia. Her love for “falsies” or as they say strip lashes came about 15 years ago, starting off with the purchase of synthetic fibre lashes to human hair and faux mink… Only to find that the most suitable lashes for her big eyes were these handmade and styles designed by the Boss herself. Following her dreams, she took on the adventures of researching for one of the best suppliers in the world. Lady Boss Lashes is providing to you one of the highest grade, top quality and of course cruelty free faux mink, human hair & synthetic strip eyelashes.

See for yourself by checking out Lady Boss Lashes handpicked eyelashes