About Our Lashes

The Lady Boss Collections...

Our 100% Mink Collection:

(Please note: We do not support the harming of any animal for any beauty or cosmetic purpose).

Our original mink lashes are handcrafted from the finest cruelty-free Siberian mink fur. Our fur is collected from the natural shedding/molting cycles of the Siberian Mink animal, which are then sterilized to ensure that they are hypoallergenic and suitable for wear. They are made free from any kind of chemical processing and/or dyes which makes them soft, lightweight & beautifully curled. Mink fur offers a completely natural look, adding a lustrous shine, silky soft feel and above all, glamour, volume and depth to your natural lashes.

Why are mink lashes so popular?

Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Madonna have quickly realised the benefits of genuine mink lashes. Soft, lightweight, and natural looking, mink lashes are trusted by professional makeup artists and beauty experts for achieving A-list glamorous looks.

What color are mink lashes?

Our custom line of mink lashes are made free of any kind of chemical processing and dyes, therefore leaving the natural black - brown color intact. Compared with synthetic lashes which may look darker and unnatural, mink lashes are indistinguishable from human eyelashes.

How many times can Lady Boss Lashes be worn?

After having these different styles of lashes tested in the Lady Boss Lashes head office…our premium mink lashes can last up to 25 times. The shape and form of the lashes remain the same even after several uses making our mink lashes excellent value for money. All our human hair and synthetic lashes will last quite some time. - And of course all these lashes will last you sometime if provided with the proper care and love that they need.

Follow our How to Care for Your Lashes guide to get the best results from your lashes.

Our 100% Premium Human Hair Lashes Collection:

Our 100% premium human hair lashes are available to purchase online. Our 15 styles were specifically chosen & some designed by the Lady Boss herself, our lashes are handcrafted from the highest quality human hair and offer a range of styles for every eye shape and size.

Human hair lashes are noticeably lighter and a lot more delicate than synthetic hair lashes. The band is much softer, and can easily bend to fit any eye shape. A lot of the cheap false eyelashes that you get from eBay say "100% made from human hair" or "100% human hair quality" and come in a shoe box-type packaging with 10 pairs of lashes stuck onto a piece of cardboard. These sell for around a dollar. This may sound like an awesome deal, and to some, price is everything, but when you think about what you’re getting, it’s not really worth putting cheap products on your eyes.

If you prefer synthetic materials, make sure you at least get well-crafted synthetic lashes like our Noir Angel or Belle of the Ball pair which is a mix of synthetic and human hair fibers.

 Discover our beautiful Collection for yourself.